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wudang neigong
the secret to eternal
energy and fitness
the secret to eternal
energy and fitness
Sibok Martin Patenaude

Ask not how far must I walk, instead say I will walk as far as needed..


From the desk of Sibok Martin Patenaude
Re: Introducing Wudang Neigong...


Hi, my name is Sibok Martin Patenaude. Welcome!


In the next few minutes you are going to discover how to:


- Build and release boundless energy;

- Attain vibrant Health;

- and dramatically Slow Down Your Aging Process...


...through the practice of one of the oldest and most secretive ancient Chinese Martial Arts... Wudang Neigong.


In fact, for centuries it was one of the most closely guarded secrets in all of ancient China...handed down to just 1 person each generation.


These internal energy secrets were so powerful that for almost 276 years the simple discovery of their unauthorized practice was an automatic death sentence!


Yet today they remain virtually unknown, even on the internet which has laid bare most everything formerly hidden from sight.


- Now, that’s about to change…

18 Again...
unlimited stores of energy,
stamina and vibrant health
unlimited stores of
energy, stamina and
vibrant health
Dear Friend,

If you’re interested in creating unlimited stores of energy & stamina, together with the vibrant health you experienced when you were young, then let me tell you about this amazing system I discovered, almost by accident, that can help you achieve all this… and more.

Unfortunately, you’d likely never hear about it unless you accidentally stumbled upon it, as I did.

And just as it’s done for others who have discovered it’s secret, it’s shot a lightning bolt of energy through my body like I’ve never experienced and given me mental clarity I never expected to attain. And I’m convinced if you’ll just give it a try, it can do the same for you, too.

But I’m getting a bit ahead of myself…
…Here’s what happened:

For countless centuries, the Chinese have dominated the world of internal energy including the use of Qi, Qigong, Tai Chi as well as the martial arts.

And for 1,500 of those years the name Shaolin was the most famous of all the Chinese martial arts (it was made even more popular back in the 1970’s by the American television series, Kung Fu, starring the late David Carradine).

Classified as a “hard” style (meaning it focused more outwardly on body movement) it dominated all others in sheer numbers of followers.

Until 800 years ago… when a competing school arose.

Called Wudang, it had many similarities to Shaolin but it’s main difference was its focus on a “soft” or internal style of development. Closely related to the Chinese native religion of Taoism, Wudang emphasized the strengthening of bones and muscle, encouraging the use of softness to conquer the unyielding.
The Hidden Secret To Limitless Energy
Yet even as the popularity of Wudang flourished during the Ming Dynasty’s reign from 1368 to 1644, a small, highly-secretive branch of Wudang remained shrouded in mystery.

Known as Neigong, it was also internal-looking but with a unique focus on replenishing the body’s Qi or energy source. 

As you may know, the Chinese long ago identified a series of “meridians” or pathways through which Qi flows throughout the body. This is the heart of modern medical acupuncture. 

And what a small group of ancient Monks learned was that unless all these pathways were kept perfectly clear, the body could never function at it’s optimum. 

They discovered that to focus on external movement (and other internal work) without first increasing the Qi flow… meant NEVER performing at your best.
Sure, practicing Tai Chi, Bagua, Baji, or any of several other internal art forms can eventually unblock your Qi.

But what was discovered was that using Neigong gets you there way faster (what might take years of diligent practice in Tai Chi can often be accomplished in a fraction of that time with Nei gong).

The secret is simply this…

As you practice Wudang Neigong, your body learns how to move and flow “naturally.”

Instead of spending massive amounts of time training movement, the secret that unfolded was that by simply unblocking the Qi and opening the meridians while holding very specific positions…
Your Body Begins Moving Correctly…
By Instinct Alone!
Your Body Begins
Moving Correctly…
By Instinct Alone!
While it may seem hard to imagine, I’ve experienced it many times myself. Here’s an example:

Everyone knows the Chinese language is difficult to master. And the art of calligraphy even more so as it uses Chinese characters to communicate the spiritual world of the artist.

Yet in the picture to the right, Zhiwei Chen (one of fewer Wudeng Neigong Calligraphy than 50 people in the world authorized to teach Wudang Neigong) is photographed live as characters literally ‘flow’ from his brush immediately following a Neigong training session at one of my Kung Fu schools in Montreal, Canada.
Much like a gifted athlete such as Tiger Woods or Michael Jordan, Zhiwei’s body is literally “in the zone.” Even without extensive practice he quickly produces exquisite calligraphy by simply letting the results of his Neigong training “guide and direct” his brush strokes.

And I suspect as you read this you’re probably already beginning to imagine the impact something like Neigong could have in your life.

Now, while the Shaolin school and its external focus remained the more popular, the mysterious power of Wudang Neigong continued to evolve as the legendary Chinese Monk, Tie Song Zi, perfected its practice while living in the famous mountains of Wudang (Wudang is where many of the Taoist monasteries are found, an area which became the academic center for the research, teaching and practice of meditation, Chinese martial arts and traditional Chinese medicine).
But then disaster struck...
But then disaster struck...
With the overthrow of the Ming Dynasty by the Manchu in the 17th Century, the growing power of Wudang Neigong became seen as a huge threat and was driven completely underground, totally forbidden to be practiced in public.

And so…
For 12 Generations It Was Secretly Passed On
To The Next By Just 1 Person Each Generation! 
It Was As If It No Longer Existed…
…Fast forward to the year 2005, in Montreal…

And I am introduced by a friend to Zhiwei Chen, the man in the photograph above (his friends call him Raf).

Raf is Chinese and in Montreal studying. But on the side he teaches a strange type of ‘internal’ martial art I’d never seen or heard of in all my extensive studies called… Wudang Neigong!

It was something he’d spent the previous 16 years learning while living in Hong Kong.
How Wudang Neigong  Is Passed
To New Generations Today…
Wudang Neigong
Is Passed To New
Generations Today…
For 12 generations just 1 person was given the years of extensive training that allowed them to teach Wudang Neigong to succeeding generations.

Following the 12th generation, the system was taught to more people.

But finding someone approved to teach Neigong today is still extremely difficult as just 3 people from each generation are now selected to pass this program along.

While from time-to- time others may offer a Neigong class (or something similar) none of these people possess the intimate details that are only shared with the 3 chosen to teach it.

Raf’s teacher in Hong Kong and China was a 14th Generation Neigong Master, one of only 3 Masters in the world from his Generation (see the side bar).
At the time, I was busy running several martial arts schools and growing my business, and so never followed up on this meeting.

Yet surprisingly, during the next 2 years I spent considerable time studying several other Chinese martial arts including Chi Kung (often called Chi Gong or Qi Gong) and Tai Chi.

Much of this time I spent working on a highly-touted internal system that supposedly recharged one’s Qi (if I told you the name, you’d instantly recognize it). But after months of diligent effort using this system praised by many, I felt very little impact.

And was greatly disappointed.

Then a chance meeting back in Montreal in late 2007, with Raf (the man I’d met more than 2 years earlier)… and… everything in my life began to change!
When The Student Is Ready...
The Master Will Appear!
** Incredible Benefits **
When The Student Is Ready...
The Master Will Appear!
** Incredible Benefits **
After becoming a student of Chinese martial arts, this time I listened as Raf explained Wudang Neigong and the many benefits of practicing it, including how…
Your energy level begins soaring through the roof
As your meridians become unblocked, it’s like getting an adrenaline injection. Where before you experienced sags… now there are surges.

Others begin asking what you’re ‘on’ (and not just jokingly, either… they’re convinced you’ve got to be taking something!).

You’re literally ‘bathing’ your body in energy !
You begin experiencing radiant health
Almost without trying! As your Qi pushes through areas that have been stuck not only will you experience a surge of energy but you’ll notice you’re not sick as often.

And nagging health issues begin dissolving as your immune system starts firing on all cylinders. As you practice Neigong, you begin to rejuvenate and heal your own body… no outside help required.

Your digestion improves, your weight stabilizes, and suddenly you realize, even as others around you become ill, you’re not even thinking about it anymore.
You dramatically slow down your aging process
You'll be visibly rolling back the clock-years. And aches and pains start mysteriously disappearing, too.

Along with increased energy and more vibrant health, movement of Qi causes a firming of muscle tone and a subsequent tightening of skin.

Whether you’re in your 40’s, 50’s, 60’s or even beyond, not only will you see a noticeable difference… others will, too!
You’ll unlock buried traumas
Some perhaps going back as far as childhood.

Blocked meridians may occur at any time… for many reasons. But once they begin melting away, so too can the mental traumas that often hold people back.

Without these blocks you will find yourself breaking through barriers that may have limited you for years… even your entire life!
You’ll begin to develop a laser-focused clarity and purpose
Unlike Tai Chi which basically tries to ‘guide’ or move your Qi around, Neigong leaves you calm on the outside while inside your Qi is dynamic, recharging and conserving.

You become strong, sharp, alert… ALWAYS seeming to make the right moves and decisions.

Everything becomes intuitive (even unpredictable, to others). In China they use the word ‘shen’ to describe this… ‘god-like’
You begin naturally moving with the ease you did as a kid
And, perhaps surprisingly, with a grace and elegance you may never have experienced or even thought possible before. 

As your Neigong practice begins freeing your Qi, it simultaneously begins integrating your mind and body, allowing you to move to a more ‘subconscious’ level (some call this ‘instinctual’). And it’s at this level that movement just flows. Even if you’ve always been a klutz… you’ll be amazed as your awkwardness begins morphing into coordination.

And if you’ve always been coordinated… now you’ll experience what it means to ‘take it to the next level.’
And best of all, you can practice this…
ANY where, ANY time,
with NO equipment whatsoever!
And best of all,
you can practice this…
ANY where, ANY time,
with NO equipment
And so I began studying with Raf, and as they say… the rest is history.
my Own Results were Life Changing...
Even though I couldn’t practice consistently, I quickly began to see… the impact of this powerful new system.

Two experiences proved absolutely amazing:

#1 - a very sharp almost debilitating pain in my right foot and leg that had impacted my practice of Wudang Neigong suddenly disappeared, exactly as Raf had predicted it would once the meridian that was blocked in this area of my body was freed.

It was an instantaneous thing, almost scary in a way.

But it paled compared to this…
#2 - You may have read how ancient Chinese Monks and Masters often explained the ‘feeling’ of Qi rushing through your system as a powerful sense of HEAT coursing through your veins.

I’m not sure I totally believed any of that stuff because it had never happened to me. And I certainly never expected to feel it. Yet one evening at the end of class while we were in our “Standing” positions, it began suddenly...

HEAT started radiating first from my hands, then my arms and my stomach, up through my chest and into my shoulders! It was if I was experiencing a complete out-of-body experience except this was me totally focused INTERNALLY. I was able to hold that ‘ending’ position… motionless, effortless… for 45 unbelievable minutes!

And I can only tell you… the feeling of raw power, of energy and vibration afterwards was overwhelming.

Later Raf explained it was, in fact, my feeling the Qi moving. And it was exhilarating.
Opening Wudang Neigong To The World...
A Surprisingly Daunting Task!
Right then I knew I wanted to pass this amazing system to my Kung Fu students and to others.

And I figured it would be simple, like teaching a class in Tai Chi or Chi Kung.

But I was very wrong.

See, Raf had agreed to continue expanding my teachings. But when I also asked about the possibility of putting Wudang Neigong onto digital version and making it available to others, he was very hesitant.

That’s when I first learned the history of how it was passed down generation to generation… and that an OFFICIAL, MASTER-APPROVED version had NEVER been put on video before!

It was only after much persuasion on my part that Raf finally agreed to ask his Master in China.

And following countless phone calls and what seemed like an eternity, the creation of a single DVD was finally approved.

Talk about elation! But it wasn’t to last…

What I didn’t realize at the time was that…
Everything We Did Would Need To
Be Approved, Almost Word-by-Word… 
...By Raf’s Master In China!
Everything We
Did Would Need
To Be Approved,
Almost Word-by-Word… 
...By Raf’s Master In China!
And it didn’t help that Raf speaks only broken English (I always had a translator around)… and his Master in China, none.

Before we actually began the video, I had outlined the basics for a 2-DVD (and possibly 3-DVD) shoot. It was nearly 3 weeks before word from China filtered back: there would be 1 DVD only (Raf’s Master was unwilling to authorize more video until he was certain people had mastered the basics.

There would be no ‘wandering’ from DVD to DVD, picking and choosing what to watch).

And that’s why it took months of effort before the first product of our combined efforts, the introductory basics of Wudang Neigong, was completed!

The Ancient Chinese ‘Wudang’ Method
for Energy & Fitness

Ask not how far must I walk, instead say I will walk as far as needed..


This 19 Video Lesson Program truly takes you behind the tightly-locked doors that have hidden away this secretive practice, and lets you become one of the first to ever experience the dramatic power this once-forbidden system can bring to your life.

-Sibok martin patenaude
The Ancient Chinese ‘Wudang’ Method
For Energy & Fitness
The Ancient Chinese ‘Wudang’
Method For Energy & Fitness
And you can do it now without having to seek out one of the fewer than 12 Masters in the world who could possibly teach it privately to you.

Over the 19 Video Lessons, you’ll watch as Raf takes me and a select group of Fang Shen Do Kung Fu instructors by the hand and leads us step-by-step through each of the foundational movements that allow you to easily and naturally master this mysterious art. 

Again, Raf has very limited command of English so most everything you’ll hear is translated live right on video.

As you’ll discover, for Neigong to work, it’s critical you perform each basic movement correctly. And that’s why the entire 19 Video Lessons focuses on showing ONLY this, breaking each movement down into it’s component parts.

While you may experience results almost immediately, expect to spend months just focusing on these basics (In my training with Raf, I’m still working the basics after more than 14 months — and still seeing amazing results).

Remember: unblocking your meridians is a process that takes time.

But the energy and health gains you’ll experience are stunning!
What You Will Discover From This
Wudang Neigong 19 Video Lessons
What You Will
Discover From This
Wudang Neigong
19 Video Lessons
Everyone who begins working with Neigong experiences it differently.

Some see increases in energy and vitality within the first weeks. As blockages are reduced you’ll find yourself moving with a freedom you’ve not experienced perhaps ever before!

For others the experience take longer.

But as your body’s meridians open up, as you break through blockages that have existed perhaps since you were a child, you’ll begin to experience the same incredible rush I have as your Qi pulses throughout your body and you feel a sense of well-being you’ve never known… regardless of the training you may have followed in the past.

But that's not all you'll be getting...
An Equally Stunning BONUS #1…
From Raf’s Master in China.
follow along as Raf’s Master in China executes
the entire program in one continuous flowing sequence

Ask not how far must I walk, instead say I will walk as far as needed..

Originally I’d asked Raf if there was any video of his Master (or even video of any Master, for that matter).

You can only imagine the “Are you kidding?” look I got in return.

None of the Wudang Neigong Masters in China had ever had their work filmed...

But since his Master wouldn’t authorize more than the one basic DVD, I kept pushing for video of an actual Wudang Neigong Master as he completed the entire basic movements.

Whether it was my persistence… or just my pestering… I’ll never know.

But it paid off. And the result is a very special Bonus Video.

Called the Master’s Video, here you’ll follow along as Raf’s Master in China executes the entire program in one continuous flowing sequence.

To anyone’s knowledge, this is the FIRST time this 14th generation Wudang Neigong Master has ever been filmed… live.

It is extremely rare footage of one of just a handful of Wudang Masters in the world today performing these movements. And yours exclusively as part of this introductory Wudang Neigong program.

-Sibok martin patenaude
The Ancient Chinese ‘Wudang’ Method
For Energy & Fitness
The Ancient Chinese ‘Wudang’
Method For Energy & Fitness
Your personalized
TFA TRAINING account!!
Yes, You will be able to create your own
TFA TRAINING account and access
the entire program hassle free!
Radically Transform your life

Ask not how far must I walk, instead say I will walk as far as needed..

It probably comes as no surprise that, during initial discussions, the price of this Program was expected to be somewhere in the $200-$300 range.

Given the time consuming process of passing all the information back and forth between China and Canada, working to get each detail approved by Raf and his Master in China… proved to be a daunting task far greater than I could ever have imagined.

Heck, even the words on this webpage required approval from China.

But once it was completed, we all agreed that unless we could get the price to a level where many people could access these ancient secrets, the huge benefits of Wudang Neigong would continue to remain virtually inaccessible to the rest of the world, destined forever to lie hidden behind an ancient shroud of secrecy.

That’s because the cost to track down a Master and train with him is almost prohibitive unless you’re lucky enough to live near one of those fewer than 12 Masters (and they’re all in China and there’s no listing of them, anywhere).

Which is why I diligently lobbied Raf, his Master and everyone involved (remember most all of this is through translators) that we had to release this first, foundational work for under $100.

After much negotiation (and with many stipulations and restrictions included) they finally relented.

And so today you can order your copy of this revolutionary new program for maximizing energy and fitness for just one easy payment of $97!
19 Video Lessons Program
+ Incredible BONUSes
+ Incredible BONUSes
Only one time $97 For A life-time access
Only one time $97
For A life-time access
The Ancient Chinese ‘Wudang’ Method
For Energy & Fitness
The Ancient Chinese ‘Wudang’
Method For Energy & Fitness
100% Money-Back Guarantee
My family’s business, Fang Shen Do (Patenaude Martial Arts), has operated continuously for 35 years now. Having grown from a tiny 1 room building to 22 schools, we’re now the largest privately-owned martial arts school in all of Canada.

We’ve been able to grow and prosper because of one thing: offering top quality products and training at competitive prices backed by our 100% money-back guarantee.

And when you purchase your copy of Neigong: The Ancient Chinese ‘Wudang’ Method for Energy & Fitness, we stand behind your purchase with that same 100%, no-questions-asked guarantee!
Time Is Of The Essence

Ask not how far must I walk, instead say I will walk as far as needed..

One of the stipulations from the Chinese Masters was a strict limit on the initial number of Programs I can release.

Each release is tightly controlled.
And for this first season, I may release just 250 Programs. My hands are completely tied on this.

That’s not many. So you’ll want to act quickly if you’re smart enough to realize the value here and you’d like to get one of these first Programs.

After these are gone we must sit down again and evaluate feedback from those getting the Program before releasing more. And as you can imagine, bouncing that information back and forth to China is going to take time.

And something else: either Raf or his Master can change their minds any time they choose! They can pull this off the market literally on a whim.

That’s why your best bet is to ORDER NOW.
19 Video Lessons Program
+ Incredible BONUSES
+ Incredible BONUSES
Only one time $97 For A life-time access
Only one time $97
For A life-time access
The Ancient Chinese ‘Wudang’ Method
For Energy & Fitness
The Ancient Chinese ‘Wudang’
Method For Energy & Fitness
PS. Marc Gaston of Montreal, Quebec, has participated in many of Raf’s classes with me. Here’s what he had to say about his Wudang Neigong practice:

I’ve trained over 10 years in Taoist, Wu Style and Original Yang Style Tai Chi. We were told at the beginning it would take years to master Tai Chi and for me, I was convinced it might take forever. Yet after seeing a dramatic increase in my chi energy flow after spending only a few months with Neigong, I realize now why the ancient Chinese practiced it first. I can’t help but feel I’ve wasted many years. Don’t make my mistake. Neigong will make you better at everything you do."

PPS. If you were skeptical as you read this, I can understand that.

I certainly was too when I was first introduced to this secretive system. All I’m asking is that you set aside your skepticism for a brief few weeks to take this previously-forbidden, one-of-a-kind program for a test drive… at my expense, if you wish.

After a short trial you’ll have proven to yourself it’s everything I’ve described above (and actually, a whole lot more).

Don’t be disappointed. Grab one of these introductory Programs today before all 250 of them are gone.
Only one time $97 For A life-time access


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